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Welcome to Yossy Wreschner Kosher Hotel

Operator "Wreschner"

During the summer months, throughout July and August, the ‘Les Arolles’ Hotel in ‘Val Thorens’ is completely under the auspices of ‘Wreschner’, providing one with an amazing experience, especially geared to Chareidi Yidden, with the highest standards in Kashrut and quality.

The reputable "Wreschner" company has been organizing hotel vacations in the French alps for the past 14 years, all throughout the vacations of summer and winter, and during the Passover holiday.

"Wreschner" is under the leadership of Yossi Wreschner, and is famous for its high standards in kashrut, quality, affordable prices, courteous personal service, and above all their delectable meals, promising you a most remarkable memorable vacation!

'OUR' Guests - at all times

Individual care is provided to each and every one of our guests from reception during their whole stay. From the minute of arrival, you are welcomed by one of our liable managers and informed all actual info over the hotel and surroundings.

During the meals our managers stand ready to all questions and needs of our guests. Every morning the managers at the reception will help you plan your day.

In case of emergency our managers are trained paramedics and are will be in contact with local doctors, pharmacies, and emergency services. Our managers speak several languages to serve all guest from around the globe visiting our hotel.


The Illustrious Rotenberg family of Rabbis is a household name in Europe. The Hotel is under the strict supervision of harav hagaon Rabbi Mordechai Rotenberg shlit”a, Grand Rabbi in “kehilles CHareidim” of Paris, the son of the former Paris Ruv Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Rotenberg z''l.

He in turn is son of Rabbi Mordechai Rotenberg zts"l former Grand Rabbi of Antwerp. The meticulous supervision of Rabbi Rotenberg shlit”a is known worldwide as a strictest standard available with the best qualifications to be find globally.

Except for the cook being a Frum Yid and the Boss a Chareidi Yid, there is also Mashgiach Tmidi on premises. Weekly the head Mashgiach will arrive unexpected for a control. As well as Rav Rotenberg by himself personally visits the hotel.

Besides the food, the hotel must follow all rules of the Rav Hakashrus over Tsnius regulations etc. which are also enforced by the Mashgiach Tmidi.


Its widely known that "Wreschner" is famous for their outstanding selections in scrumptious meals, whether it is the rich breakfasts and dinners served, or various buffets, to sate the palate of a discerning guest.

The Hotel owners put an extreme effort on the following three factors:
1. Broad Scope: everything is served lavishly in an exceptional broad scope, serving you beyond boundaries.
2. Great choice: Daily options of a variety selection of different types of menus.
3. Extremely tasty food: Importing the top chef from the ‘Ramada’ Hotel in Tel Aviv, and professional French bakers lead the kitchen to supply for the vast selection of unique amazing meals. ‘Wreschner’ guarantees the best you can get!


Extensive buffets with numerous fish salads, vegetable salads, milk products and cheeses, A choice of 8 different types of scrambled egg omelettes are made fresh to your liking. In addition to this you may choose from: French baguettes, variety of breads, pastries, cereals, fruits, and a selection of hot and cold drinks.

There is ample food at breakfast to serve yourself for lunch, take along sandwiches on your outings, or have them prepared for you by our devoted team.


Dinner is served buffet style:
1) Hot foods, daily selection of 5 different meats, side dishes and our special “soup of the day”.
2) Variety of cold salads.
3) "Dessert" consisting of cakes, chocolate, fruits, and occasionally also of compote and ice-cream.

A dedicated pleasant staff stands ready to serve the guests and clear away, and is willing to accommodate anything specific concerning the food. High-Chairs for children are available upon request.

Coffee-corner and Bar

In the lobby a coffee/tea-corner, is open free of charge 24/7, where you can prepare yourself coffee or tea to your taste. You will also find there cold water, lemonade and homemade cakes and cookies.

Choosing the Les Arolles Hotel will be an ideal decision for great comfort, unique gourmet, adventures and an amazing experience.

Shabbos meals

The inspiring enjoyable Shabbos atmosphere that is acquired at "Wreschner" has its beginning on Thursday nights and Friday afternoon. Both Thursday night & Friday afternoon accompanying the regular meals, Cholent & Kugel are served with cold beers.

Friday night a rich buffet with various types of fish and salads await you. Each table is individually set with: wine, grape juice and "bilkes". Guests are thereafter lavishly served chicken soup with "kneidel", 2 types of meat, kugel & farfel. A beautiful scrumptious sweet table is presented at seuda's end.

Shabbos morning, shortly after davening a great Kiddush is set, with a grand buffet of various mouth-watering cakes, fish and kugels. The morning seuda begins with eggs, liver, veggies and "Galerette". You are then served cholent, kishke and an array of meats.

"Seuda-Shlishis" consists of an extravagant dairy/milchig spread of fish & salads. For Melave Malke challe & fish is readily available.

Other services


Every evening you will have a different form of entertainment taking place in the Lobby: music, concerts, presentations, debates, [Kosher] films for women, etc. to satisfy diverse audiences. Thursday nights a Kumzits at the lake with 'Toameyu' being served.


A day-camp for kids operating daily until lunchtime is ideal letting parents rest and prepare for outings. The team are great counsellors dealing with kids all year round. In the evenings they will gladly do baby-sitting for reasonable prices.


There are two international airports two hours away, one in ‘Genève’ Switzerland and the other in ‘Lyon’ France. In the airport one can hire a car, or book a taxi.

A train station nearest to the Hotel is in the city ‘Moutiers’ which is around 30 kilometres From Val Thorens. There one can get onto a bus which stops 3 minutes’ walk to the hotel, or book a taxi by the Hotel that will await you at the train station.

Hotel "Les Arolles"

At the main entrance a staff of managers (talking several languages) accept you and stand to your service for all your needs.

The hotel has recently been renovated and consists of 200 stylish and modern beautifully designed sleeping rooms, overlooking ‘alps massif’ - the region with Europe’s highest mountains.

A large ballroom/lunchroom with majestic view, where you can eat with full pleasure viewing the beautiful panoramas, (for babies there is an option of high-chair upon request). You will enjoy 24 hours the 2 convenient lobbies furnished with inviting couches and a 24-hour cake-n-coffee corner, & wrap around porches add a touch of warmth to the overall feel.

The hotel is also equipped with a Beit Midrash to daven and learn, several daily Shiurim and Minyanim, and a temporary Mikva. The Hotel accommodates A Game Room, A Spa-centre with Sauna, and Jacuzzi. Separate hours for men and women.

Free WIFI on premises.

Throughout the day, a professional team keeps an eye on the cleanliness of the ballrooms, lobbies and porches to the convenience of the guests.


Each sleeping room contains at least 2 separate beds, a table and chair, bath-room and hair blow-dryer.

There are also rooms with 3 separate beds. And an option of baby cribs, which should be requested while booking. As well as 'connecting' group-rooms with doors between the rooms, especially great for families with smaller kids, altogether the connecting rooms contain 5 beds + a baby crib.

There are also a few suites in the hotel. It is self-understood that there are housekeeping services by a professional team, assuring rooms are cleaned and maintained daily.

Village Val Thorens

The combination of breath-taking sceneries, panoramic mountains and greenery, and amazing non-polluted air, transforms the place into being the first choice as an area for relaxation. Being away from all-year-round chaotic city life, this offers you a most pleasant vacation.

Located upon on of the beautiful, majestic, famous ‘alps’, which span over several European countries, lies one of the greatest resort spots. The famous "Val Thorens" village, on a height of 2000 meters above sea level, is situated in France, bordering both Switzerland and Italy.

Resort activities

"Val Thorens" counts unlimited attractions: playgrounds for kids, speed-mountains, bikes to rent, tractors, horseback riding, mountain climbing, adventurer-park with various climbing’s among trees, bowling, mini-golf, rafting and kayak, parachute gliding, paintball, bow and arrow, tennis, helicopter and much more ...

A local bus free of charge is ready to serve you, driving around all day long to take you to the outings and return.

Tourist locations

As already mentioned "Val Thorens" sits upon the high Alps - in the vicinity of various beautiful places where guests can visit. The famous city Genève is just 150 kilometres from the hotel - there one can visit the biggest lake of Europe with various activities.

Annecy - about 100 kilometres from the Hotel is the ‘Annecy’, also known as ‘the Venice of France’, a city standing on water. Over there one may also visit a number of historical palaces of the former French royal dynasties.

Tignes - only one and half hour drive from Val Thorens is the known resort place 'Tignes' where you can ride a special mountain-train up to the snow, where skiing is available even during the summer months!

The Three Yalleys - less than 10 min. drive from the hotel there is the well-known attraction area "The Three Yalleys". With several mountain-trains and cable cars, one can discover the extraordinary in the universe, formed together of high mountains, deep valleys, rapid water-falls, comfortable lakes, and other beautiful sceneries.

Mont blanc - about a two hour drive from the hotel one can travel up the "Mont blanc", the highest mountain in Europe, over 4,000 meters high. The magnificent view from that spot is truly impossible to describe.

For those who have no vehicle, the hotel organizes a trip to one of the above locations daily with their own bus and a Guide that gives explanations on everything is to know there.

Cable-cars and walk-paths

On the mountaintops splendid walking paths welcome you with breath-taking sceneries and panoramas. Since the walkways are diverse with some being straight and others circuit, difficult one"s constantly going up; other ones go just down all the way etc., there are seven open and closed cable-cars/chair-lifts at your service.

One of these take you all the way up to snow peaked mountains, giving you the opportunity to visit (among others) an ice-cave. A second one takes where you can see a "show" of eagles and Bears performing. A yet another one, an open cable car, will get you to a huge pristine lake. The Tourist Office can provide you with maps that are easy to read with information about every walk-way and clear instructions how to get around. In addition the ways are marked very well.

Contact and Location

Hotel Les Arolles, Grand Rue, 73440 Val Thorens(Saint-Martin-de-Belleville), France

Opening dates: 16 July 2019 – 29 august 2019

USA: (929) 254.07.86
UK: 0203.656.50.70
Belgium: 03.500.25.70
Switzerland: 043.508.09.56

Your way to us

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 45.298476 | Longitude: 6.578065

Nearly airports:
Geneva, Switzerland (150km) or Lyon, France (150km)

Nearly train station: Moutiers (30km)

Email: info@wreschner.com

Web: www.wreschner.com